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What Is Hypnosis

Definition of Hypnosis

A lot of people have a misconception of the word hypnosis: the magical pendulum watch being swayed side to side and you handing over your money, or even the stage hypnotists making you go in to a DEEP SLEEP and you do some ridiculous or funny act.

But hypnosis is being more and more accepted in the medical world of today. It’s a fact that you can only do things that you’re willing to do and you would soon dismiss suggestions which are harmful and your unconscious mind prime directive is to keep the body safe, you safe and would once again reject any harmful suggestions.

so – What Is NLP?

  • NLP is the study of human excellence.
  • NLP is the ability to be your best more often.
  • NLP is the powerful and practical approach to personal change.
  • NLP is the new technology of achievement.
  • NLP is the acronym for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

This high-tech-sounding name is purely descriptive, like cross-trainer shoes, a golden retriever, or a classic convertible coupe.

Neuro refers to our nervous system, the mental pathways of our five senses by which we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.

Linguistic refers to our ability to use language and how specific words and phrases mirror our mental worlds. Linguistic also refers to our “silent language” of postures, gestures, and habits that reveal our thinking styles, beliefs, and more.

Programming is borrowed from computer science, to suggest that our thoughts, feelings, and actions are simply habitual programs that can be changed by upgrading our “mental software.” Taken and adapted from NLP the new technology of achievement – Steve Andreas & Charles Faulkner
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