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NLP Enhancing business


If you were to think now, what it would that be worth to you to be able to achieve your true potential as well those you work with?

Learning and using NLP in your business means being able to deal with:

  • Stress management
  • Problem solving
  • Communication ~the art of communication to gain results-the results intended
  • Assisting with rapid growth~ supporting managers to manage, working with individuals/teams
  • Assisting with cultural change associated with rapid growth or industry pressures of change
  • Personal states
  • Negotiation & rapport skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Read a room and react accordingly
  • Captivate your audiences
  • Build rapport and charisma within seconds
  • Stay in the right state of mind at any given moment
  • Construct a presentation or training programme
  • Use metaphors to get complex messages across easily and effortlessly

What an excellent investment it would be to achieve the above and deciding to create your future and enjoying every minute of it.



“The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished” George Bernard Shaw




.          NLP has many applications in business –

.          Recruitment. A vast amount of time, money and energy is involved in any companies’ recruitment procedure and it is extremely costly when it goes wrong. We have certain tools that can help you get the right candidate into your business.


.          Relationship building – improve relationships with colleagues and customer to work more effectively.


.          Negotiations – understand the other party’s model of the world to negotiate more effectively.


.          Meeting effectiveness – handle conflict and ensure everyone is participating.


.          Managing People – understanding people’s motivation and values enables you to manage and appraise

efficiently and to effect.


.          Presentations. Learn how to remain balanced and calm during a presentation that grabs the audience’s attention.


.          Team building and Management training. Create the success of the future.


.          Motivation. Learn techniques to ensure you are motivated and confident no matter what.


.          Achieve objectives. Learn how to plan and achieve business objectives.


So, ask yourself,

.          Could your business be better at communicating?

.          Are you achieving your goals all the time, every time?

.          Are you the best, what is the best doing that you are not?

.          What are you not achieving that you should be?




Whatever your role in an organisation or if you are a self employed professional, communication with others and yourself is they key to success. By the end of the programme you will be able to:

.          Acquire a set of ‘How to’ skills enabling you to develop your behaviours to a new level of effectiveness

.          Set and achieve challenging goals in order to fulfil your personal and career ambitions

.          Overcome limitations that have stopped you from achieving goals in the past

.          Increase your effectiveness when presenting to groups

.          Positively influence others, whether face to face or on the phone

.          Develop rapport easily ¨ Increase your confidence in challenging situations

.          Optimise your communication and influencing skills

.          If you are a manager, trainer or coach you will be able to teach others how to use these skills

and much more……..


During the programme, you will be encouraged to apply NLP to a work related project under supervision. In the past delegates have worked on incorporating NLP into their Sales Strategy, applied NLP to their self development and clarification of vision, to mention but a few.

.          You will understand how to apply NLP skills to any work situation

.          Enhance meetings and presentations

.          Deal with difficult people

.          Develop good working relationships with others

.          Control your moods and confidence levels

.          Achieve work related goals

.          Motivate and influence teams and individuals

.          Develop leadership skills



A few testimonials from our recent NLP courses run by Joseph and Paul

Course Testimonials

“A mind and life changing experience. Joseph and the Joseph Clough Training team have delivered a life changing high quality integral programme of training that has helped me to reset all my goals and life expectations. The best investment, best course I’ve been on in the last 10yrs! Thanks!
Jim Thomas
Training Manager
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire UK

“The course was greatly rewarding, both in a personal sense and what I can do for others. Joseph and Paul, ensured we had fun and understanding of everything we were being taught. I feel that I can see myself from a different level now, hearing my real inner voice clearly. Not only have I learnt so much I also have made many great friends!
Mr David Furness
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire UK

“As a Business Development Account Manager, I direct change and develop new business streams. Having complete this Course I feel empowered to use this powerful methodology to reduce time, to change and increase speed and value of change to my organisation and others”
Gobnait W.
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire UK

“Thank you Joseph for such a brilliant course. You certainly know your stuff and fill the room with passion and energy. I especially love the way you’ve combined NLP, Time Line Therapy ™ and Hypnosis into one course. Its such a life changing experience (both personally and professionaly) that I’d recommend Joseph and his Joseph Clough Trainings team to anyone.
Emma Trainer
Marketing Consultant
London, UK

“Fantastic Course! Joseph made it so easy to learn and understand. I now have a wonderful skills set to take with me through life, to help myself and others. Invaluable. Thank you and well done Joseph”
Jessica C.D
Silver End, Braintree, Essex UK

“Excellent Course, some mind changing ideas, great learning, good fun, great experience, very worthwhile. Every person should have some form of NLP training courses”
Dean. W
Police Officer
Great Chesterford, Essex, UK

“I enjoyed the Course very much and was amazed by the results that I got. The Course was well run and the pace of learning the study material was just right.”
Steven R. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire UK




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