hypnotised or not

I have recently had a number of people ask ‘what is hypnosis ~ I’m afraid of being hypnotised’ ~ I don’t think I was Hypnotised?

That can be a common statement from someone who has but didn’t experience it like they had imagined. In fact a lot of people think being in hypnosis or trance is being ‘zonked’ out or like a zombie, not hearing anything, not being aware of who or where they are. I’m not saying this can’t happen because good hypnotists can produce amazing phenomina but in general it’s not really like that.

So what is being in trance like:

So what is it like to be in trance? seeing as we’re all in a trance of some kind all the time ~ Oh you didn’t know that?……Oops!

Ever been so involved reading a book that it seemed like you’re there in it? Ever driven somewhere and some how can’t remember the last few miles? Ever just got lost in thought, a day dream? They’re all just different trances.


So what does it feel like to be hypnotised?

Have you ever sort of woke up from sleep, just before the alarm is due to sound/go off or you need to rise? Feeling really comfortable, relaxed, hearing everything and knowing if you wanted to get up you could easily? the technical term for this is ‘can’t be arsed’ (I’m sure there’s a slang expression for this too!)

Well~ that’s what it’s like to be hypnotised.



Oh! By the way for those of you who are still unsure of hypnosis we also use

NLP and Time Line Therapy and time based processes as ways to change our life without ever needing to be hypnotised

creating wonderful ways to change quickly and comfortably


If you want to be a hypnotherapist or coach I believe we need a range of skills that really work and why I train people in the above as well as hypnosis. This means you will have all that you need to work with anyone



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